Have you been looking for a site about ATV Recreation? How to get started on your first ATV? Trying to find great trails to ride on? If you said yes to any of these, then this is the site for you! We have great Tips and advice that you may want to know. Utah is a great place for riding, and we definitely have some ATV Trails you might be interested in. If you just got into Four Wheelers, you might eventually want to start performing the Basic Stunts. This is a great place to start learning about ATV Stunts. ATV Maintenance is important and needs to be done, check out our ATV Maintenance page for more info.
When you get out to the dunes, are you going to know what to do? Or are you just going to sit around with your ATV unable to do anything? Why not learn more about your ATV before you take the risk of crashing it? Well don’t worry about that anymore, at ATV Tips, you will learn everything you need to know. The driving skills are very important and there is some basic knowledge needed prior to riding. One key factor when riding and performing ATV Stunts is, leaning and balancing, which you can learn more about in the Driving Tips and Learning ATV Stunts pages. If you don’t balance your machine correctly, a roll over can happen quite easily.

Utah ATV Trails

Recommended For…
Argyle Canyon
A great place for families. Good for regular Trail Riding and having fun. Has a lot of cabin property.
Trail Riding, Scenery, Sunsets.
As well as the Sand Hollow trail (Below), Payson is a great place to practice your ATV Stunts. This Trail is also a great place for target practice.
Several Jumps, Hill climbs, most stunts, Target practice.
Sand Hollow
Best place to learn your Basic Stunts. It’s a desert full of sand which is good for drifting.
Several Jumps, Drifting, Hill climbs, all stunts.
Skyline Drive
Huge Trail system which for the most part follows the ridge line of the mountain. Great fishing.
Trail Riding, Few Jumps, Racing, Drifting, Scenery.
Soldier Summit
Good for hunting season. If you’re looking for privacy, come here.
Trail Riding, Hunting, Few Jumps, Scenery.
Squaw Peak
Great place to explore for scenery and a lookout over Utah valley. This trail is very bumpy and there are several rocks scattered all over the road. The elevation is around 8,500 – 9,500 feet.
Extremely Bumpy, Beautiful lookout, Scenery.
Perfect place for a day-trip and camping in some areas. Trail follows a river.
Trail Riding, Drifting, Scenery.


Driving in bad weather

Weather can sometimes be a problem. Usually Four wheelers can get through almost anything, but there are those rare occurrences when things can get rough. If you go Four wheeling when it’s raining, chances are the road is dirt, and it will turn into mud, or even worse, clay. Cars and trucks will often get stuck quite easily , but one of the many cool things with a Four wheeler is you don’t have to worry about getting stuck. Four wheelers can get through almost anything. If you do go riding in the mud or snow, it might not hurt to have a winch or tire chains. Visit the Driving Tips page for more information on weather conditions.

Learning ATV Stunts

Alright, so now you’ve mastered the Basic Riding skills. You’re also very comfortable about your machine. You probably want to start learning how to do the Stunts. Of course, everyone is thrilled by the exciting feeling after you landed a perfect stunt. Then you start bragging about how much air you got, and all the cool things you can do. This is all part of Four wheeling, if you’re into the tricks and stunts kind of thing. If you think you’re ready for stunts, go ahead and practice some tricks. Visit the Learning ATV Stunts page for more detailed information.


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