105 years ago, the Hudson motor car company was founded…

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As significant as the heading may mean to you, today was a day in history of a great beginning. The car has changed the world forever. This means that today, can be a new beginning for you. That’s right, today brings a new possibility of four wheeling adventure. You can make this year a well-remembered year. Riding ATV’s is a pure joy that not many will ever embrace. There’s only a minor group of the world that has the wonderful knowledge of what an ATV can do for you.
This is the time to prepare for summer. Sweet summer is well on it’s way. Even the past couple days have given me a slight taste of that much-wanted warmth. All except for the mountains, I can look around and I can’t find even a handful of snow, the ground is dry. As harsh as it is, it’s enticed me more and more each day, but I can only wait for the wind soothing hot air on a peaceful ride through the terrain.The funnest rides I remember were the most miserable ones, because it gives you an adventure that hardly anybody else has done. So because today is a day of new beginnings, start yours now and ride hard!

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  1. Great post! Any day is a great day to start an adventure, especially with an ATV or UTV! Thanks for sharing!

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