ATV Adventures – Let’s Go Riding!

ATV Adventures – Let’s Go Riding!

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I love driving ATV’s, so much that I created this site to help others and educate them about ATV riding! What do you guys think of the new site? ATV Tips has been up and running for almost five years this July! Recently, I upgraded the design, feel, and look of the site, what do you think?! Comment below or contact me here.

So far this year, I’ve been out riding once, and that was in late January when it was freezing cold outside. We went to thistle and had a blast driving on the snow. They had at least a couple feet of snow pack. We went for a nice night ride and actually helped a guy get unstuck in his truck – good thing we went!

On the night ride, we had four of us on our own ATV’s. I have two LED lights on the front of my ATV and it was super cool to see the light shining on the white snow lighting everything up! We were all bundled up pretty well, plus with my hand warmers, I wasn’t very cold at all, and we must have gone out for about two hours, it was nice.

Then the next day, we did some more riding and went even further up the trail. Overall it was a great campout, and we stayed nice and warm with our heater. I hope you guys get to find some fun trails to ride this year, let me know if you have any questions or comments, enjoy!

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