Driving on the road can be dangerous; this is why you need to know some things beforehand. First of all, you need to drive at a speed that is most comfortable to you. Going too fast causes too many accidents. There might be a ditch in the middle of the road, and you won’t see it. Chances are you will hit the ditch, and it will be a hard hit. Many times you will be going too fast, and when you see the ditch, it’s already too late. Once you hit, depending on how big or small it is, it’s probably going to hurt a little and definitely throw a scare through your whole body. I know when this happened to me; I had a friend with me riding on the back of the four wheeler. We were traveling pretty fast, and when I finally saw the ditch in the middle of the road, I hurried and pulled the brakes as hard as I could without flipping and we still hit the ditch pretty hard. When we hit, the whole steering wheel jolted and felt like a rock hard hit. Nothing major, just a little scare and a little fun. But other times, you could still lose control. So this would be something to watch out for.


On blind corners, head-on collisions can happen easily. When coming to a blind corner, slow down and stay on the right side of the road. Hopefully the other guy is coming around slow too, and you won’t collide with each other. Especially on tight corners, lean into the turn. So if you turn right, shift your body to the right half of the ATV. If you turn left, shift your body to the left half of the ATV. But if you lean the opposite way, and you’re traveling fast enough, your left/right two tires could rise up in the air, and a crash could happen. Just remember to always lean into the turn and definitely slow down on corners. People always think that no one is going to be coming around the other side, until it’s too late.




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