How to Make your ATV go Faster

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If your a person that love’s the wind in your face, then you may want to make your Four Wheeler go faster. When researching this topic, you will find many different opinions. Sadly, the only safe way that I know how to squeeze a few extra m.p.h. out of your ATV is, changing the rear tire’s with bigger tire’s. However, when you do this, it will require a little more power out of your ATV.

Personally, I don’t know how much more m.p.h. you can get by doing this, but, if you’re really anxious to drive a little faster, this is probably your best option. I’ve also heard that; “all it takes is changing one small part; a sprocket with two extra teeth to alter the final gear ratio.” ( Just be careful when switching to bigger tire’s. If your ATV has fender covers, make sure you don’t get too big of tire’s that they would scrape the fender’s. If you have a race ATV with open fender’s, then getting bigger tire’s won’t be too much of a problem. But, I wouldn’t get extremely big tire’s, because they will tilt the ATV forward and that is annoying. You might also be damaging other factors that could happen if you do this. I would also check with a tire shop for extra information about the risks of getting bigger tire’s, it really depends on what ATV you have. Good Luck!

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