Riding Tips

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When riding an ATV, you want to be flexible. Let your body ride the waves of the ATV. Relax and move with the turns and bumps. For example, If you’re riding and come to a left turn, slow down and lean to the left. If there is a rut in the road, brace yourself. If you see a huge bump in the road, put force on your legs to raise your body in the air to help cushion the force of the bump. Learning to ride an ATV is really rewarding once you get the hang of it. Then you can go to any ATV trail and explore all kinds of trails requiring different levels of difficulty. Here are a few riding tips;

A really good tip that I’ve learned this year is the air pressure in the tires. To have an even smoother and enjoyable ride, you want to have about the exact or lower amount of air pressure called for, in the tires. This makes the ATV take the bumps, not you. On my Honda Rancher 420cc, the tire pressure calls for 3.6 pounds of air. My air gauge which reads up to 5 pounds, read more than 5 pounds when I checked it this summer. So I let the air out to about 4 pounds just before an ATV trip. On the trip, whenever I drove over big ruts or bumps, I was expecting a hard jolt, but it was a lot smoother than I ever expected. Now I’m going to let out the air to 3.6 pounds.

While riding an ATV, you often come across blind corners. When approaching a blind corner, it’s best to stay to the far right of the trail and slow down. As you pass through, always drive as though someone might be coming from the other side to help prevent an accident.

Sometimes you may come to a steep and rocky section of trail. To ensure you don’t tip over, standing up and leaning should help balance the weight more evenly. When you’re driving up a steep hill, try to have more weight on the front of the ATV while you stand and lean to the best spot forward. When you are driving down a hill, scoot to the back end of the ATV and drive cautiously down the hill. When going down hills, be sure to pull the rear brakes if necessary. Going up hills, be sure to pull the front brakes, if you need to stop.

Riding ATV’s is a great experience, definitely one you won’t forget. In all my years of riding, I find that the most challenging trails are the ones you’ll never forget. They are also the ones that make the trip much more exciting and fun. However, the trails that aren’t too challenging and have great scenery along the way, are also most enjoyable..

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