Thrill-Seeking for a breath-taking ATV experience?

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Right now, if I was looking for a good vacation this summer, I would without a doubt, pick the Paiute ATV trail. This trail will give you an adventure you’ll never forget. The trail is a 200-mile loop. I normally start in Richfield, Utah, but you can start anywhere. There is a map that I would definitely recommend purchasing prior to your adventure. When I went, we had a basic map that we used, but during the trip, we were running out of time, and needed to find a shortcut to get back to the truck. We stopped at one of the towns about halfway through the trail and bought a map. It was by National Geographic specifically for the Paiute ATV trail, here’s the link for it on amazon.This map was a lifesaver. It was so detailed that it gave the difficulty levels on certain sections of the trail, ranging from easy, medium, and hard. It also showed the side trails you could go on and distances. With this map, we were able to cut right through the middle of the loop back to our truck in time, it was easy to read. Maps are important, and should be included in every trip you make.

Overall, this trail is quite difficult, and definitely not suggested for the beginner rider. It takes some experience to ride this trail. It’s a very rough, rocky trail, and climbs up and down in elevation as much into the 11,000 foot range. However, it is all worth it. This trail is by far my most favorite one of all. If I was planning a vacation this year, this trip would be at the top of my list!

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