Utah ATV Trails are, in my opinion, the most beautiful trails in the nation. You will find many places all over Utah to explore, and we have many different trails that will show you everything. You can read about each trail that we list, view pictures and videos, and see what the trail is good for. Then you can find out which trail you like best. We are updating and adding new trails constantly, however, you can submit your own ATV Trail to us and we will review it, and if approved, we will post it in our Trails section. Utah ATV Trails are definitely worth going to explore.
All of the trails that we list are unique in their own way and they have great riding in all of them. But, it would be hard to choose a favorite between them, because they all have something the other trail doesn’t. Most of the trails are free admission – we usually don’t post trails that you have to pay for. If you decide to go on an ATV trip to one of the trails we list, it will be worth it.



Recommended For…
Argyle Canyon A great place for families. Good for regular Trail Riding and having fun. Has a lot of cabin property. Trail Riding, Scenery, Sunsets.
Payson As well as the Sand Hollow trail (Below), Payson is a great place to practice your ATV Stunts. This Trail is also a great place for target practice. Several Jumps, Hill climbs, most stunts, Target practice.
Sand Hollow Best place to learn your Basic Stunts. It’s a desert full of sand which is good for drifting. Several Jumps, Drifting, Hill climbs, all stunts.
Skyline Drive Huge Trail system which for the most part follows the ridge line of the mountain. Great fishing. Trail Riding, Few Jumps, Racing, Drifting, Scenery.
Soldier Summit Good for hunting season. If you’re looking for privacy, come here. Trail Riding, Hunting, Few Jumps, Scenery.
Squaw Peak Great place to explore for scenery and a lookout over Utah valley. This trail is very bumpy and there are several rocks scattered all over the road. The elevation is around 8,500 – 9,500 feet. Extremely Bumpy, Beautiful lookout, Scenery.
Thistle Perfect place for a day-trip and camping in some areas. Trail follows a river. Trail Riding, Drifting, Scenery.