The Trail

Argyle canyon is my most favorite trail of all. This specific trail has multiple trails that lead off from the main road, and then from those roads, there are even more trails that lead off. Argyle is an endless drive. You don’t necessarily have to worry about too many vehicles ruining your drive.
This is a beautiful place and has a lot of cabin property. Don’t worry about the cabins ruining the scenic view, because they are there, you just can’t see the actual cabin. The terrain in this area is easy, just be careful on the ruts that are sometimes there. Although it’s a nice road, it does rain, and if it’s raining up there, you shouldn’t be up there at all. The mud at argyle is clay, you cannot go anywhere in this mud. I’ve seen it happen, been in it way too many times, and it isn’t pleasant. Even with four-wheel drive and a strong truck, there’s no going anywhere. A winch might help, but it will take a long time to get out, if you get in. Now if you have a Four Wheeler, and don’t mind it raining, then go ahead. With only two-wheel drive you shouldn’t have any problems, if you’re careful about your driving. On this trail there are some challenging sections, if you’re up for the thrill.
Here is a link to the actual Argyle Canyon website. There is a camera by Argyle, and it will take pictures every 10-30 minutes. This is helpful for watching the weather. When you get to the site, there will be two cameras listed. Click the “camera facing south”, that is the camera facing toward the trail head to Argyle canyon. The “camera facing north, shows into Indian Canyon.




Argyle CanyonArgyle Canyon is located in Spanish Fork canyon, or highway 6. Start from Spanish Fork, Utah, and into the canyon on highway 6. The whole drive should take about an hour to an hour and a half. Follow this road for a while and somewhere along the road on your left should be a gas station. You shouldn’t see it for a while though. There should also be a sign that says Soldier Summit. After these two check points, drive for about another 10 miles. Then you need to turn left onto Emma Park Rd. Follow this road for about 15-20 miles, and turn left. Stay on this road for about 10-15 miles and you should be starting to climb up the mountain. Finally, turn right onto Argyle Canyon road. The road is dirt from the start and it should go up a hill, and curve right. This is Argyle Canyon.