The Trail

The Payson trail is located on the west mountain of Payson, Utah. This would be another great place to practice some of your Basic Stunts other than the Sand Hollow trail. At Payson, the trail is dirt and has mainly jumps instead of regular trail riding. There are two sections, the north side is where all of the ATV jumps are, and the south side is where people love to go shooting. You can ride your ATV over to the south side, and there are a few riding trails to drive on. Also, there is some construction going on, they’re building some new lots up in that area, and I’m not sure if the jumps are still going to be there. Hopefully, where they build is going to be low enough on the mountain to not bother the jumps at all. Don’t worry about the construction; it shouldn’t get in your way. But, If you’re a person that is bothered by noise, guns, or crowds, then this probably isn’t the best place to go. Because of how many people go target practicing and how many people go motorcycling, there is a lot of noise made. But if you’re someone that loves this kind of stuff, then this would be one of the best places to go.
PaysonPayson was where I first started learning how to perform jumps on my ATV. Obviously, at first I didn’t get much air; but, now I’m better. I’m also not the type of person that does really high jumps. I don’t have that much time to practice for that kind of thing. Payson – as well as Sand Hollow, is a really great place to practice your ATV stunts. When I started, I went over the jump slowly for the first couple of times. Then I started going faster and trying different things to help me get in the air. I did that about 15 times, and finally I got some air. Then I kept doing it and getting about the same amount of air. But, before I left, I went a few more times and got some more air. But it all takes practice, and each new time that you go perform jumps, you have to warm up first. I would say to warm up for 6-10 minutes, and then you can get going for some real big-time air. Overall, I really enjoy the Payson trail.



To get to the Payson trail, first search directions in google maps from ‘your house’ to ‘Payson, Utah’. Then once you get to Payson, Utah, head west of the exit ramp 248. This road should be 800 west. After the freeway, you should see a gas station and a Wendy’s on your right. Then it comes to a T, turn right onto 4600 west or “American Way”. Follow that road until it comes to another T, turn left onto Utah Avenue and head west for about 3 miles going straight the whole way. As you stay on Utah Avenue, you should see that you are starting to climb the mountain, and at the very top, the road should curve left. Just before that, you should see the jumps on the right.