The Trail

Sand Hollow is located in southern Utah. Sand HollowWe made a trip down there during the spring of 2011. Many riders enjoy this spot of adventure. Jumps are the most favored. Pros would love it there, and there is great terrain for beginners too.
If you go southwest of the dune area, you will find a jeep trail. At the beginning, it will start off like a normal road. The road is dirt, and has some challenging terrain. Make sure you straddle the ruts correctly as shown in the video. Later on, the road will turn into sand. The major difference is the rolling hills. These hills seem to never end. Undoubtedly mother nature created them. Few side-roads lead off and go towards the mountain. There, you can hike around and even climb on top.
The remote areas of the park are free. Washington City and St. George are within 15 miles of Sand Hollow. A golf course is located right next to the dunes. This may be of interest to you for available activities.
Visit the Utah website for even more information, Sand Hollow.