The Trail

The Skyline drive trail, starts/ends in Spanish Fork Canyon. There used to be an old rest stop called Tucker. But since the early 2000’s, they have been doing major construction all through Spanish Fork Canyon. The old rest stop is gone, and they built a nice new one on the other side of the mountain from where the old one was. The new one is called Tie Forks rest area.


Skyline drive is a great name to describe the trail. The trail literally follows the mountaintop most of the way through, and is a very gorgeous ride in any season. If you like taking pictures, this trail would be one to visit. The road is dirt, and there are several roads that lead off the main trail. Camping areas are unlimited, and you can drive a vehicle all the way through. There are many spots where you can access the
Skyline drive trail.
The trail has two main sections, the north Skyline drive and the south Skyline drive. We have only driven the entire way through the north section. But we have also driven through part of the south section as well. We didn’t travel through the whole south part of it due to limited time. If you start your trip in the north section, sometimes it can be hard to find the south part. The problem is that there is a paved road separating the two sections from connecting. You would think that they would have a trail for ATV’s only to connect them together. So if you want to explore both sections, you’re going to have to transport your ATV from one section to the other in your trailer/truck.


Skyline DriveOverall, this trail is a great place for riding. Many people seem to enjoy this trail most. There is fishing. Gooseberry Lake is a good spot. The fish love worms, we caught our fish using worms while the others were having a harder time using different bait. The roads are endless. Depending on which road you take, they can either be beginner level terrain, or advanced level terrain. We hope you will decide to take the Skyline drive for a trip based on this information.
For more information, visit the Utah website for the Skyline drive.



Skyline Drive is located in Spanish Fork canyon or highway 6. Start from Spanish Fork, Utah and drive into the canyon. The whole drive should take less than an hour. Follow highway 6 for about 30-40 miles. There is a new rest stop called Tie Forks. Before the rest stop, there is a new bridge that you have to cross over. Because of the railroad tracks you have to cross over. The rest stop should be on your left. Right after the rest stop, the road curves right. There will be two roads to turn right on. Eventually these roads will link back together. Pick which route you want to take, and turn right at the road you choose.
For more information, visit Google maps. Type in the “directions from” bar, Spanish Fork, Utah. Then type in the “directions to” bar, tie forks rest stop. Google will only come up with directions to the rest stop. From there, you have to follow the directions shown above starting from Tie Forks rest stop.
There is also a second way to get to the Skyline drive. Follow the directions on the thistle trail page. Don’t turn left onto the dirt road where it says. You actually need to drive to Fairview, Utah. You should see a chevron gas station, and you need to turn before the gas station. Follow that road up the mountain for about 10 miles. Turn left, and it should lead into a huge parking lot with bathrooms. This is the end of the north Skyline drive. The whole drive would take about two hours.