The Trail

Soldier Summit is located near Argyle Canyon. In fact, they both connect with each other. They connect through highway 191. The road is steep, but is nothing to worry about. You have to ride on the highway for about a mile, and then you can get onto either Argyle Canyon or Soldier Summit. Be careful you don’t get lost, because there aren’t really any signs that mark which trail is which. Look at this map to make sure you understand where to go.
Overall, this trail is great. You will see many trees, mainly pine and aspens. At the top, which is about ten miles from highway 6, is a mini dune area. You can practice small stunts in that area.
If you go from highway 6, there is a fork in the road at the beginning. If you take the left fork, the road will go up on top with several different trail options. Eventually this road will connect back to the right fork, if you stay on the main road, and always take a right turn.
But if you take the right fork and drive for about ten miles, it comes to a T-junction. Turning left will lead into many different roads, and campgrounds. Turning right will take you to highway 191, where you can turn left, and then go to Argyle Canyon.



Soldier Summit is located in Spanish Fork canyon, or highway 6. Start from Spanish Fork, Utah, and into the canyon on highway 6. The whole drive should take about an hour. Follow this road for a while and somewhere along the road on your left should be a gas station. You shouldn’t see it for a while though. There should also be a sign that says Soldier Summit. After these two check points, drive for less than half of a mile. Turn left and travel right onto the dirt road.