The Trail

First of all, you need to know that in my opinion, this ATV Trail is the rockiest and bumpiest trail that I have ever ridden. The whole trail is approximately 20 miles long. While you go riding on this trail, you will get a Birdseye view of Utah Valley. When you start the trail from either side, the trail starts almost immediately climbing up hill. Once you make your way to the top, it stays level for a little ways. Then the trail starts descending back down. This way you can get a great view of Utah Lake and many cities. This trail is great for a day trip. You can finish the trail in about 3-5 hours round trip. That’s if you want to go slow, and take many brakes. Although I’ve said this trail is the rockiest and bumpiest trail that I have ever ridden, all of those bumps are worth it to see the great view of Utah valley.



There are two entrances to this trail. The easiest way to access Squaw Peak would be going through Provo canyon from Heber, Utah, or Provo, Utah, and then turning off onto the south mountain. The other way would be driving through Hobble Creek canyon from Springville, Utah.