The Trail

ThistleThistle is a great place to have fun. There are various campgrounds all along the way. You will mainly see shrubs, bushes, and sagebrush at the beginning, but the further you go in, the more pine trees there are. We have actually never been the entire way through, but we have gone pretty far though. There is a reservoir that you can go to. The main road turns into a fork, and take the right one. Then you have to cross a stream and you should be able to find the road, if you stay on the main road from there on. Be careful, on one side of the reservoir, there is a small clearing, and it leads to the edge of a cliff. There is a pipe that comes from the ground and sticks straight out from the mountainside. We think it is a pipe to drain the reservoir. The reservoir isn’t very big, but it is big enough to swim or canoe in. Taking the left fork will take you farther and farther in. We aren’t sure exactly where it goes. This trail is beautiful, and fun. We have been in summer and winter. The wintertime is nice because of all the snow. With snow on the ground, we have gone as far as we could until we had to turn around because it was getting late. I wouldn’t recommend going on this trail in the middle of winter. Usually the snow will be too tall to drive in.



Thistle is located in Spanish fork canyon. There is a little town called Thistle where they recently had a mudslide. People lost their houses because their house sunk in the mud. The houses are still there today, and you can see them sticking up part way in the ground. To find Thistle, start from the beginning of Spanish fork canyon, which is in Spanish Fork, Utah. Then drive for about 10-15 minutes, and look for a road on your right. You should start climbing in elevation, and then reach the top. At the top there should be a mountain on the right side of the road. Then after you pass that, make an immediate right and follow the road down. You should cross railroad tracks down a little ways, if you don’t, then you’re on the wrong road and you will have to try again. After the railroad tracks, turn at the first left. You should go over a bridge, and onto dirt. Now your there, you can unload your ATV further down the dirt road.
Look at Google maps for better information. Type in the “directions from” bar, Spanish Fork, Utah. Then type in the “directions to” bar, Thistle, Utah. This should give you better instructions, and you can see the actual road turns.